Esteemed the world over, Scandia luxury goose down comforters are simply magnificent. Designed in three weights – light down comforters, medium down comforters and ultra down comforters – each goose down comforter is generously sized and supported by the extraordinary engineering commensurate with luxury bedding.

Baffle-box construction alleviates cold spots by keeping down from dispersing. Hand-filled and crafted in the United States from the finest imported materials, each goose down comforter is accompanied with a Certificate of Authenticity and service for a lifetime.

Look to Scandia to find the best down comforters, down alternative comforters and luxury bedding in the world.

The Scandia Down Difference
Down is a three-dimensional plume that is warmer, fuller and more resilient than a feather. It is the best natural insulator available and creates a healthy and comfortable sleeping environment. When deciding upon a goose down comforter or any other down bedding, there are a few qualities to consider.

One factor is the origin of the down. Down from cooler climates is large and resilient, thus it creates more warmth than down from a more temperate locale. At Scandia, we use European, Polish and Hungarian white goose down for their superior insulation abilities.

In order to avoid causing allergies – which are often associated with duck and other inferior down, each plume must be immaculate. At Scandia, we start with the finest white goose down in the world – Polish, European and Hungarian white goose down. Then we follow a meticulous, 12-step purification process to ensure that it is absolutely pristine. This proprietary measure results in down that is so refined, it is hypoallergenic – just one thing that goes into making the finest down comforters in the world.

Fill Power
The final consideration is fill power. Measured in cubic inches, fill power is the ability of down to regain its original volume – or loft – after being compressed. The higher the fill power, the warmer and loftier the luxury goose down comforter and bedding. Known for our supreme loft, Scandia entry-level comforters have a 600 fill power that is all but unmatched in the world of luxury bedding.

Service for a Lifetime
All of Scandia’s down bedding is created to last a lifetime. Our service warranties match the exceptional quality of our work – they cover all defects in craftsmanship right down to the quality of our ticking. This service is offered to the original owner of the bedding or gift recipient, and lasts for as long as you own the item.

It takes time, care and exceptional craftsmanship to create the best down comforter. We trust that you will enjoy our luxury bedding for years to come.